Radio Control Flying Organisations


SAMAA - South African Model Aircraft Association

SAMAA is the parent association for all radio control pilots in SA, and it is highly recommended that you become a member. There are a number of benefits, possibly the most important being third party insurance. Model aircraft can cause serious injury to persons and property, even if flown by the most capable, cautious pilot. Infact most, if not all clubs require you to have SAMAA membership.

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SAMAA Special Interest Groups

 South African Regulators

SACAA - South African Civil Aviation Authority

SAMAA is the organisation appointed by SACAA to manage the operation of model aircraft. Any operation of RC aircraft for commercial gain is regulated directly by CAA under the heading of RPAS(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). In addition to commercial operations, aircraft above a laid down size limit(7Kg) also fall under Part 101 of the CATS & CARS. These relatively new regulations have had a huge impact on camera drone operators, and FPV pilots.

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ICASA - The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa

ICASA is responsible for the regulation of radio frequencies and radio equipment, including RC transmitters, receivers, telemetry equipment and FPV equipment.

Use of non-ICASA approved equipment will void your SAMAA insurance, and in the case of an incident could make you liable for legal prosecution. When purchasing RC gear ensure that it is ICASA approved. There should be a label on the packaging and/or equipment.

Radio Frequency Allocations for Radio Control